Box Collection

Kailh Box Switch

Stable and comfortable

Silent collection

Deep Sea Silent Pro
Box Switch

Transparent, silent, and smooth

Box Collection

Kailh Box Summer
Clicky Switch

Crisp clicky typing experience

POM Collection

Kailh Canary Tactile Switch

Advanced tactile feedback

Regular Collection

Kailh Clione Limacina Switch

High light transmittance

For those who built their own keyboard or DIY custom keyboard, Kailh offers the best-fitting and advanced product.

Box Switches

Waterproof and dustproof, 80M cycles lifespan, more fast actuation.

Speed Switches

Short travel, more fast actuation, 24K gold contact, 70M cycles lifespan.

Regular Switches

MX Structure, 24K gold contact, Up to 70M cycles lifespan.

Find your preference

Kailh Switch Buying Guide

Try the different Kailh switches and develop which ones you prefer for yourself!

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Technology And Innovation

In order to break the same keyboard design situation, Kailh keeps on researching and developing new key switches.