Kailh Box Switches Buying Guide

When talking about Kailh keyboard switches, the first thing that comes to mind is Kailh Box switches, which are very popular in the keyboard community.

Kailh BOX switches have a unique structure and sound profile. If you are looking to replace your existing keyboard switches, this article can help you decide if you should buy the Kailh Box switches.

In this Kailh Box switch guide, I will discuss the different types of Kailh Box switches (click, linear, and tactile) to help guide you in choosing the best Kailh Box switch for you.

What are Kailh Box Switches?

Kailh Box switches are called box switches because of their unique box-shaped stem and delicate inner box compartment design. The metal contacts are encased in the compartment to give the perfect box shape from the inside. They're really cool, almost all box switches have the same travel and actuating distance: 1.8mm for actuating distance and 3.6mm for total travel. This is a little shorter than the normal switch and you can feel some differences in terms of the speed.

What are the differences between Kailh Box switches and normal switches?

There are a few features that set “BOX” switches apart from normal MX-style switches:

Stem shape

Kailh Box Switches have a distinct stem that is designed with a box stem instead of just a normal MX stem. The box switch stem has an additional box (or circle) outlining its cross. It is compatible with standard MX-style keycaps and produces smoother, more consistent keystrokes with less wobble.

Kailh Box Switches

Internal box compartment

Unlike normal switches, they have a rectangular box design inside to encase the metal contacts. This little box has a small lid that covers the copper actuation leaves and a tiny colored plastic "nob" that sticks out of the box. This allows the structure to can be waterproof and dustproof to a certain extent.

Internal box compartment

Click mechanism

The click mechanism is specific to the click switches. The Kailh Box switch has a different click mechanism than the normal Kailh switch. Most click switches use a "click jacket" mechanism to produce the click sound, but the Kailh Box switches use a "click bar" mechanism. Click bar switches have a crisper, more pleasing click, and generally feel a bit thicker than normal click switches. The Box Jade, Navy, and White switches, for example, have click-bar switches that sound more crisp & crunchy than other normal click switches.

Click mechanism

Why Use Kailh Box Switches?

Dust-proof and water-proof

The box-shaped stem and inner box housing protect the switch from dust and moisture and provide an IP54 resistance rating. In the long run, this structure also helps extend the life of the switch.

Better balanced and less wobbliness

Box switches' unique stem design reduces switch wobbles and makes the switch feel more balanced for an improved key feel and a smoother keystroke.

Best clicky options

The Kailh box clicky switches are very popular in the mechanical keyboard community! If you're a fan of clicky switches or want some satisfying clicky switches, the Kailh Box is an absolute bargain!

Kailh Box Switches guide for keyboard enthusiasts

Kailh Box Linear Switches

Product nameOperation forcePre-travelTravel distancePre-lubedTop HousingBottom Housing
Box Red Switch45±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box Black Switch60±10 gf1.8±0.3 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box V2 Red Switch40±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmYesPCNylon
Box Cream Pro Switch45±10 gf1.7±0.4 mm4.0±0.3 mmYesPOMPOM
Box Dark Yellow Switch70±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Red Bean Pudding Box Switch45±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPOM
COCO PINK Box V2 Switch40±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPC
Box Jellyfish Y Switch50±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPC
Deep Sea Silent Pro Box Switch-Islet45±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.4 mmYesPCNylon

In recent years, Kailh produced a variety of excellent linear switches such as the Box Cream Pro switch, Red Bean Pudding switch, COCO Pink Box V2 switch, etc. Each has its own set of characteristics. If you want a thicker, heavier Box linear switch, go for the Box Black or Box Dark Yellow switches. If you're looking for a silk-smooth linear box switch, consider the Box Cream Pro switch with its self-lubricated POM material on the switch cover and bottom case to prevent from scratching. If you're a fan of RGB, try the Box Jellyfish Y switch with its transparent case.

Kailh Box Tactile Switches

Product nameOperation forceTactile forcePre-travelTravel distancePre-lubedTop HousingBottom Housing
Box Brown Switch45±10 gf50±10 gf2.0±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box V2 Brown Switch45±10 gf75±10 gf2.0±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmYesPCNylon
Box Burnt Orange Switch60±15 gf70±10 gf2.0±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box Crystal Robin Switch40±15 gf60-75 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPC
Box Crystal Royal Switch45±15 gf75±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPC
Deep Sea Silent Pro Box Switch-Whale40±15 gf60±10 gf2.0±0.4 mm3.6±0.4 mmYesPCNylon

A tactile switch is a type of keyboard switch with a small "bump" to provide tactile feedback to the user. This means that when you press a key, you will feel a physical bump to let you know the keystroke was registered, allowing your typing to be more accurate and efficient.

There are a lot of Kailh Box tactile switch options available. The Box V2 brown switch has a stronger and more advanced tactile than the Box brown switch. The Box Burnt Orange Switch is equipped with a 60 gf operating force that produces a satisfying tactile bump, which is ideal for users that want a heavier typing feel. The Deep Sea Silent Pro Box Switch is crafted with a new mute cushion material that is quiet and stable, so it is better for those who need to work and study in public places.

Kailh Box Clicky Switches

Product nameOperation forceTactile forcePre-travelTravel distancePre-lubedTop HousingBottom Housing
Box White Switch45±15 gf55±10 gf1.8±0.3 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box V2 White Switch45±15 gf55±15 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon
Box Jade Switch50±20 gf75±15 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box Navy Switch75±20 gf95±15 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box White Owl Switch46±20 gf70±15 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPOM
Box Summer Switch50±15 gf55±15 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPC
Box Pale Blue Switch60±15 gf70±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCNylon PA66
Box Jellyfish X Switch47±15 gf57±10 gf1.8±0.4 mm3.6±0.3 mmNoPCPC

The Kailh Box clicky switch is loved by clicky switch enthusiasts thanks to its click bar mechanism that sounds and feels better than normal switches. If you are a beginner and want clicky switches, it is recommended that you try the Box White or Box Jade switches. The two box clicky switches have been a hot topic in the keyboard community since their releases. The Box White switch has a lighter feel and is loud enough but not too noisy, so it's definitely ideal for people who enjoy the clicky style, but don't want to annoy others around. The Box Jade switches feel slightly heavier, smoother, and more satisfying thick click when pressed, suitable for people that want the heavier typing feel.

There are no absolute answers to which Box Click switch is the best. The differences between them are minimal, but all Kailh Box click switches are amazing, and you should choose one based on the heaviness you prefer.

The choice of mechanical keyboard switches depends on your preferences. The Kailh box switches are a great option to look into for your next switch because they are unparalleled in sound and feel.