Kailh Box V1 VS Box V2 Switches, What’s the difference?

Kailh Box switches are known for being dust and water resistant and have a sturdy feel. The box switches are one of the most popular switches in the Kailh switch series. The Kailh Box V1 is the classic switch in the Box series. The Kailh Box V2 switches is an upgraded version of the Box V1 with added features.

Kailh Box V1 VS Box V2 Switches

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the differences between the Box V1 and Box V2 and compare the color options for both as well so you can make an informed decision when buying your next switches.

The Differences Between Box V1 and Box V2 switches

Kailh Box V1 VS Box V2 Switches Structure
Kailh Box V1 VS Box V2 Switches Backlight


Unlike the Box V1, the new Box V2 switch has a solid black base. The Box V2’s upper housing is also changed from white to black to absorb more light and balance the backlight more. The LED slot is also different, the Box V1 switch's LED slot is sealed while the Box V2's LED slot is semi-sealed to allow more light to be transmitted.


Instead of the Box V1’s standard spring, the Box V2 switch uses a longer 19 mm gold-plated spring to offer more resilience than the V1.


The Box V1 is unlubed whereas the Box V2 has lubed bases, stems, and pins to enhance the typing feel.


Box V1 and Box V2 both have an opening on the bottom housing, but due to the different LED slots in the top housing, their LED compatibility is different. The Box V1 is compatible with SMD-LED and RGB-SMD lights. The Box V2, on the other hand, supports 2-Pin LED, SMD-LED, and RGB-SMD lights. In addition, the Box V2 switch has been modified from three pins to five pins, and added additional positioning posts to be compatible with 5-Pin hot-swap boards for better stability and durability. The Box V1 offers more compatibility and can be easily installed onto most hot-swap mechanical keyboards on the market.

Kailh Box V1 VS Box V2 Switches Pins

Box V1 VS Box V2

The Box V1 switch offers four options: red, brown, white, and black. The Box V2 switch is only available in three colors: red, brown, and white.

Box V1 VS Box V2 Features

Box V1 Red VS Box V2 Red

The Kailh Box red switch is a linear switch that offers a smooth and consistent feel when triggered. Compared to the Box V1, the Box V2 switches feel more smooth and more stable thanks to their lower bottom-out force. If you prefer a softer feel, we recommend you consider the Box V2 red switch. Of course, if you want a stronger feel, go with the Box V1 red switch. It has an operation force of 45 gf and a bottom-out force of 60gf, which is slightly stronger than the Box V2.

Box V1 Red VS Box V2 Red

On the left is Box V1 Red switch

Box V1 Red Switch

Box V2 Red Switch

Box V1 Brown VS Box V2 Brown

The Box V2 brown switch experienced the most changes among all the V2 switches. The tactile feedback, which changed from traditional tactile to heavy tactile, feels way stronger and more advanced than the V1. They are ideal for those that prefer strong tactile feedback. Although the Box V1 has a small bump, it is not obvious, and its bottom-out force is smaller than the Box V2. The subtle tactile feedback also makes the sound when triggered quieter.

Box V1 Brown VS Box V2 Brown

On the left is Box V2 Brown switch

Box V1 Brown Switch

Box V2 Brown Switch

Box V1 White VS Box V2 White

Both switches use a unique click bar mechanism that sets a small foot on the stem to trigger the click bar. The Box V2 has a slightly bigger bottom-out force and a crisper sound than the V1. Thanks to its long springs, the Box V2 feels more smooth and more balanced when pressed.

Box V1 White VS Box V2 White

On the left is Box V2 White switch

Box V1 White Switch

Box V2 White Switch

Box V1 VS Box V2, What switch is right for me?

It comes down to personal preference because both switches are made with high quality and are uniquely designed. The determining factors are the sound and feel you are looking for and keyboard compatibility.

If you want a smoother and more stable keyboard that is compatible with 2-Pin LED lights or SMD-LED lights, go with the Box V2.

If you prefer a brighter backlight and a traditional feel, then try the Box V1 switch.

If you like a stiffer linear switch, consider buying the Box V1 black switch with a heavier operation force.